Outstanding Figures

Outstanding Local & International Figures

His Highness Sheikh Dr.Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi
Member of the Supreme Council of The United Arab Emirates Ruler of Sharjah
  • Supporting mothers and children's issues
  • Managed to make Sharjah a «Child-friendly city» in accordance with Standards and specifications of authorities And international institutions at the United Nations.
  • Hence, Mother & Child Friendly Nurseries, public places, institutions and gardens were established.

Lieutenant General His Highness Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister of Interior
  • Special care & attention to childhood, locally and virtually.
  • Directs the Ministry of Interior to focus on child protection.
  • Create an interactive environment of distinguished teams and expertise in child protection field.
  • Support and foster child protection projects.
  • Support and foster projects for protection and the development of children by launching the “hemayati” application.
  • Achieves effective partnerships with women and children’s organizations and institutions, including the Childhood Campaign Initiative.

Her Royal Highness Princess Sarah Al-Faisal bint Abdel-Aziz Al-Saud
  • Known for her boundless contributions towards charity and various humanitarian assistance and philanthropy.
  • President of Al-Nahda Philanthropic Society for Women, a non-profit organization whose goal is to ensure a Saudi social environment that values women’s participation, preserves their dignity, and builds their capacities to reach leadership positions development in Saudi Arabia.
  • Her Highness was able to achieve stability and safety for many families through this charity.

Nadhmiyah Al Abed
  • Never ceased to give up and did not hesitate to provide any professional or educational advice. A large group of UAE future makers graduated under her watch, a generation which has been able to bear this trusteeship and lived to serve sincerely.
  • Succeeded in the training and development of many teachers, provided training through lectures and seminars. In her beginnings, she taught at Al Khansaa government school and Al Worood School in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.
  • The woman, mother and educator who contributed towards building the first generations of the UAE's society through her role in educating and raising children. She was the children's educational pillar, hence, established one of the largest private schools between 1982 and 2002.

Sonnya Ryan
  • Ms. Sonya is a phenomenal example of a strong mother. She began her journey to make the world a safer place for children, after her daughter Carly was the victim of online abuse and later assault and murder in 2007 in Australia.

Baroness Joanna Shields
  • A leading technology veteran and a prominent activist for child protection online.
  • Has outstanding achievements in cybersecurity as the former UK Minister for Internet Safety and Security .
  • Has fought against hate speech and extremism and preventing child abuse and exploitation online.

Rosalia Mashale
Founder & Managing Director of Baphumelele Waldorf Association
  • Born in the late 1950s in South Africa, Mama Rosie has spent a happy childhood in a village called Matatiele in the Eastern Cape.
  • Rosie was surprised by the way people lived in the city, where streets in South Africa were filled with homeless children searching for food. She transformed her home into a realistic day care center. After the first week she had 36 children to feed. Other women joined in to help her care for the children. The Baphumelele Educare Center was established, and the doors were opened to care for orphans. Some of the children were harassed, abandoned or orphaned, most of them carrying HIV and trying to live with the disease. The word Baphumelele means «we have progressed».

Outstanding Media Entity Supporting Child Programs

Outstanding Family

Family of the Child
Dhaher Al Muhairi
The family who learned and worked knowing that there is a foresight to God's will, therefore, had a great role in overcoming Dhaher's health condition. They were and still are proud of their son, hence, this made him build his own distinct personality and contributed to turn his disability into an incentive to become a positive person in life and society, thus, named the «Positivity Ambassador».

Rosemarie Salmorine
She devoted her life to Dhaher since his birth; she took care of him like she was taking care of herself. Her marriage and family did not take from her time for Dhaher, she never failed to be there for him at any moment. Therefore, she deserves to be recognized as a role model for others.